Tapes used on pipes and pipelines

Pipes and pipelines are an important part of our modern lives, delivering water, removing sewerage and being an integral part of many chemical production processes.

Tapes have many uses when it comes to pipes and piping such as:

  • Corrosion protection of the pipe.
  • Warning of the location of an underground pipe.
  • Informing observers of the contents and the flow direction of these contents of the pipe.
  • Heat insulation of the pipe and its contents.
  • Repair of leaking pipes.
  • Sealing of pipe joins.
  • Water condensation control to prevent dripping and water damage.
  • Cordoning off areas where pipe work is in progress.

Information on pipeline tapes.

On this website we hope to be able to inform you of the various types of tapes that you have the option to use on your piping. So if you are designing a pipe system or have a problem with an existing system that needs to be fixed, the idea is that you will be able to find a range of options to help you in drawing up your pipe specifications or coming up with a solution for your pipe problem.

The content is not only targeted at piping engineers, but will also be useful for company buyers looking for alternative pipe tape suppliers or pipeline tape products. End users such as plumbers, technicians, DIYers, handymen and contractors should also be able to find information on the tape products available to them.

Suppliers of tapes used on pipes.

Part of the resources available here is access to information provided by various tape manufacturers and distributors. We welcome input from any participants in the pipe and pipeline industry, which we can use to add to the content of this site and allow the readers access to a more complete range of options available to them when deciding on which tape to use for their particular pipe situation. Examples of information which we would encourage suppliers and users to submit would be:

  • Recent projects under taken and which tape was used and why.
  • New tape product releases by manufacturers and importers.
  • General brochure type information on existing tapes available that are used on pipes or by the piping industry.
  • Tape products that are specified but difficult to find in Southern Africa.
  • Tape products which buyers and users have seen available in other parts of the world, but are not easy to find in Southern Africa.