Identification tapes for pipes

Tapes are a useful tool to identify the contents of a pipe and to show the flow direction within the pipe. This can be done using colour codes to identify the various contents and arrows to indicate the direction of flow. This type of identification simplifies the maintenance process in the event of a system fault. Technicians can then identify which pipe to attend to and will also be aware of any special precautions which may be necessary when working on that pipe.

Colour coding tapes to mark pipes

A common method used to identify the contents of a pipe is to use coloured bands. A particular combinations of anything from one to three colours will indicate a particular liquid or gas which is being transported in that pipe. A sign board with a chart of the various colour combinations and what they designate is displayed in a prominent area in the factory or plant.

For example, you could decide to have white/blue/white to indicate that the pipe contains product A. These colour bands would be placed on the pipe every few meters and look like the image below from a distance – so easy to identify.